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No other They house the majority of plumbing works, showers and sinks. Naturally, these spaces stand a higher risk of floor or roof seepage or leakage. Besides, if we draw attention to the tiny cracks and openings of pipes that eventually damage the structure, it is hard to ignore the foul smells and mildew growth that accompany them. Keeping in view this challenge, a revolutionary set of methods have been developed by our team the Fortune Floorings Waterproofing Solutions. The goal is to move beyond generalizing waterproofing as a concept and target each waterproofing need with intensive attention.


Fortune Floorings have successful completed more than a lakhs of satisfied customer for Commercial and Residential Building as analysing problems of Bathroom Water Leakage and Water seepage, damp in walls, anti fungus angles and providing waterproofing services. Bathrooms are the major wet area in the house and it is important that the bathroom is correctly waterproofed in order to reduce the risk of structural damage occurring as a result of dampness, water leaks, or condensation. However, to provide the best insurance against water damage, it is a good idea to go beyond these minimum requirements and ensure that all of the walls within the shower recess are waterproofed as well as the entire bathroom floor.



Bathrooms And Wet Closets

Ideally, bathroom waterproofing should be carried out parallelly with the construction of the space. This is imperative, because, if the floor tiles are not fixed correctly, there could be extra room for water to flow through. The Achilles heel in this setup is that each time the floor slabs and walls are covered in water, it could seep through and create cracks in the foundation. Hence, the need for a foolproof water-resistant solution such as seamless protective membranes.


A lack of a waterproofing course in bathrooms can potentially lead to the following:


Weakened structure.


Damaged interiors.


Constant damp flooring.


Breeding ground for mold.


Sub Works